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Joe Beef

Joe Beef Butcher's Blend Joe Beef - 200g

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Product description

Production method

The seasonings are produced in small batches to preserve freshness and contain only natural ingredients. They are low on salt, but high on flavour. Furthermore, they are made with ingredients sourced from responsible, ethical producers. Located in Montreal, the HACCP-certified production facility where Joe Beef seasonings are prepared is a family business in operation for over 30 years.

To describe their spice blends, Fred and Dave explain they are the same they use in their dishes. “Nothing strange, just straightforward enhancements to make yours and our cooking easier and more delicious.”


Joe Beef seasonings are prepared in Montreal.

The artisans behind the product

David McMillan and Fred Morin are long-time friends who, 10 years ago, at a turning point in their careers, decided to do things differently. Having acquired a strong reputation at the Globe restaurant, the two chefs wanted to create a casual space where gourmets would enjoy the best seafood, meats and wines. In short, an unpretentious restaurant that would satisfy the most refined palates.


Perfect for your best meat cuts, for grilling and in chilies, Joe Beef butcher’s blend imparts a delicious smoked BBQ flavour to all your dishes.

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